To help with all things World Gifts, we've put together this list of our most frequently asked questions for you.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please call our friendly team on 0808 14 000 14.


Your website isn't working properly! 

We're very sorry you're experiencing difficulties with our website. Please don't let that stop you ordering a lovely World Gift, give us a call on 0808 14 000 14 or email us on and we can process your order manually.


I've made a mistake! Can you help?

Yes we can. If you've ordered the wrong gift, the wrong type of gift card, or anything else, please call us so that we can help on 0808 14 000 14

We're open from 9.30am - 5.30pm but you can send an email to at any time. Please tell us your name, address and your order number so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

My gifts haven't arrived...

It can take up to two weeks for posted gift cards to arrive with you, but on the rare occasions when gifts don't arrive on time, we will do whatever we can to help. You should receive an eCard or Print at home gift within 20 minutes of placing your order. If you don't receive an e-mail please check your spam/junk folder as sometimes they can end up in there!

Please call us as soon as you can so that we can sort things out.

I have a delivery question

What do I receive?

If you order a gift card via the post - you will get a gorgeous gift card that describes how this amazing gift will change lives for the better! There is also room for you to personalise the card before passing it on. 

If you order an eCard - you can instantly send an animated gift via email directly to a loved one. You can include a personalised message with this card. 

If you order a certificate to download and print at home - we will email you the link to your chosen gift card once you have completed your purchase. Ask your friendly neighbourhood printer to flip your paper on its short edge to get a perfect print!  

If you order a card to be sent directly to a friend – your loved one will receive a beautifully illustrated card explaining how your gift will change lives. All of this with a personalised message that you filled in online so that it doesn’t arrive anonymously! 

Some gifts don't come with a gift card and can only be sent to you in the post, such as our stickers, Fairtrade chocolate or fun sheets. (Virtual chocolate is no fun at all.) 

These gifts are all ethically sourced and proceeds from their sale go towards CAFOD's work, wherever these funds are most needed. 

How do I choose the gift cards? 

It's simple - as you choose your World Gift you'll be asked how you want to receive your card and what design you want. It's choosing between our gorgeous card designs that's the hard part!

What's this about free delivery?

Whatever you order through World Gifts, we can post it to you for free. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you place the order is free as well.

If you'd like to make a top up donation to cover delivery costs that would be completely lovely of you. You can add a donation to your basket before you check out with one easy click.

For free delivery in time for Christmas, please place your order by midnight, 15 December.


How long does delivery take?

Get your order in early for those special occasions as it can take up to two weeks for posted gifts cards to get to you.


I can't wait that long! Can I get my gifts quicker?

For those last-minute present solutions, you can order an eCard or print-at-home card and your gift will arrive instantly! 

On posted gift cards and presents, we offer express delivery for £5 which will reach you in 1-2 working days. Call us by midday on Monday to Friday to get your gifts by signed for delivery the very next working day.

We can now offer express delivery online! The deadline is still midday to get your gift the next working day, gifts purchased after this will arrive the following working day.

Please note, if you place your order after midday on Friday we will not be able to dispatch your order until Monday, so you will not receive your order until Tuesday or Wednesday.

You can place an express delivery order up until midday 20 December to receive your order in time for Christmas!


Can you send the card directly to my friend/family member/pet?

Yes! We now have an option to personalise your card online and send it directly to your loved one. Unfortunately, we can only send to one address per order, but we hope this still helps to speed up your Christmas present buying! 

You can still order World Gifts cards directly to the person who orders them so that you can personalise the gift card before handing it on. The perfect choice if you want to hand-write your cards, give them as part of a bigger parcel, or if you want to order lots of World Gifts at once before distributing them to your loved ones. 

Remember, eCards are sent directly (and instantly) to the email address you choose and you can send a personalised message too! 

Please note: Unfortunately at this time, we are only able to print characters used in the English and Welsh languages, on our cards, in respect of the names, messages and addresses you provide for personalisation. Characters used in other languages, such as accented characters, may not be printed correctly.


I live outside the UK. Can I buy World Gifts?

Yes, of course!

Sadly, we can't guarantee delivery times or offer the next day delivery service for non-UK addresses. The eCards and print at home options can be a perfect choice as your gift arrives instantly, they're also the green option!


Are World Gifts affected by Covid-19? 

So far, our fulfilment house has been able to keep working to get your World Gifts orders out. We are living in changing times, but we envisage the main issue being delays if the post office struggles as it did earlier in the year. We will be monitoring the situation but hope to get all of your gifts out in a timely manner. 


How do World Gifts work?

What are World Gifts?

World Gifts are an amazing way to make a difference! You buy a virtual gift, get a gift card to pass on and your donation will then change someone else's life.

For more details on how your purchase funds our work visit How it works


Are the gifts real?

You betcha! World Gifts are real examples of CAFOD’s life-changing work from our projects around the world.

When you buy a gift, your donation will go into one of five funds that cover different types of work so that we can reach those most in need with practical help.

For instance, when you buy Teach someone to read, the money from your gift will go into our Education and Skills Training fund. It will then fund all kinds of CAFOD education projects that provide training, school supplies and safe places to learn.

Head over to Gifts in action to find out more.


What's CAFOD?

We're so glad you asked! CAFOD is a charity that works with local experts to reach people in poverty throughout the world. We help families in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East to change their lives for the better.

To find out more, mosey on over to Remember to come back when you're done!


Why are your prices for some World Gifts different to other charities?

The short answer is that we don't know! It's difficult for us to say how other charities come to price their virtual gifts and what is included in that cost.

We do know that all of our charity gifts are priced from real examples of our life-changing projects and include essential extras like training or tools.


My question is more about fundraising

I want to use World Gifts in my school. Can you help me?

Thank you, hooray and of course we can!

Please check out for special fundraising ideas and free resources.

If you would like Christmas catalogues to give out at your Nativity play please call us to order some for free, or order here.


I want to support World Gifts in my parish. Can you help me?

A huge thank you and hooray to you too! Please check out our blog on special fundraising ideas and free resources. 

If you would like more catalogues to give out at a carol service or after Mass then please call us to order some for free or order here. 

We know that trying to fundraise in parishes is very different at the moment. We hope you can still find a way to come together to buy some World Gifts! 


How can I use World Gifts for my wedding?

We'd love to help you make big difference on your big day! 

We’ve taken this time, when many weddings have been postponed, to update our wedding favours. They’re not available at the moment, but we hope to have them available soon. 


How much money do you spend on promoting World Gifts? 

We know how vitally important it is to be good stewards of the money donated to us and we work to lower costs where we can. Our Christmas catalogue costs less than 6p to print.

For every £1 we spent on promoting World Gifts, we raise more than £4 for our life-changing work overseas. 



Are World Gifts environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Our eCards are sent by email and are therefore the greenest option, but rest assured that all of our printed items use paper that comes from sustainable sources.


How can I order a Christmas catalogue?

Why not order more than one? They're free and they will surely surprise and delight your friends and family!

You can order online or call 0808 14 000 14 to speak to one of our lovely Supporter Care team.


Does Gift Aid apply to World Gifts?

The brilliant news is YES. We can claim Gift Aid on all virtual World Gifts along with any top-up donations.

Orders of tote bags, colouring pencils and the like aren't eligible for Gift Aid and neither are orders made by organisations like schools and parishes.

If you can, please tick the Gift Aid box when you make your order as we can do so much good with the extra money we claim!

Please note that although Gift Aid can be claimed on the donations towards World Gifts, due to the way in which Gift Aid is claimed, we are unable to attribute it to additional World Gifts.


What are your terms and conditions?

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However you got here, your reward is a link to the World Gifts Terms and Conditions