Case study: How bees are helping Marta

“We will eat the honey which will be good for us!” Marta, Nicaragua

"In rural Nicaragua, many families live in poverty. With poor soil it is hard to grow enough food, and paid work can be difficult to come by. That is why CAFOD’s beekeeping projects are so valuable to people like Marta and her family. The honey the beehive produces helps break the monotony of a diet consisting mainly of staples like beans and rice. It is also highly nutritious, and can help combat infections.

Working on a shared project like beekeeping also helps reinforce a sense of community. “Working with the women feels relaxed. I love being with them. I love being part of a group,” Marta says."

Happy queen bee

CAFOD provides beekeeping equipment to many poor families, and this gift is vital to set up the beehive.

Why buy this Happy queen bee gift?

  • A happy queen bee brings more bees to the hive
  • More bees mean more delicious honey to eat and sell
  • Honey is highly nutritious, and can help fight infections

This gift includes a posted gift card.