Case study: How reading has helped Thiago

"Reading is good, I read funny stories and others that are really sad. The books help me to become clever, and to have a job to help my grandmother." Thiago, 9, Brazil

Thiago lives in a shanty town in North East Brazil, where rates of violence, poverty and marginalisation of young people are high. Growing up in a difficult home, young Thiago started showing signs of anti-social behaviour and aggression towards other children.

But thanks to a CAFOD reading workshop and counselling, Thiago has found a creative outlet to channel his energy into. He is also learning how to play with others, to remain calm, and respect other children.

With this gift of reading, Thiago wants to continue studying his favourite subject, geography. When he grows older, he would love to be a famous footballer, but if his dream doesn't come true he is very glad to have the gift of reading to help him find employment.

Teach someone to read

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