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Haylay and his Chirpy chickensEach World Gift is a real example of CAFOD's work. When you choose a gift, you support the area of our work that this gift represents.

So, for example, when you buy chickens, you support our work with poor farmers in rural areas of the countries we work in, by contributing to our Farming fund.

This gives us the flexibility to respond in the best way possible to the individual needs of the different communities we work with all over the world. 

World Gift funds:

Animals and Farming icon Farming fund

Farming is often the only means of survival for people living in poverty. But, for many, poor climate, lack of equipment, or no training makes even just growing enough food to survive impossible.

The World Gifts Farming fund provides people in the developing world with aid for essential skills to provide for themselves for the long term – from farming the land and rearing animals, to starting a small-scale business.

By buying a World Gift in this fund, you make a world of difference to many communities, especially rural areas.

Buy a World Gift from the Farming Fund


Health and Care Icon Health Fund

Poverty often means people have no access to medical care, so many die from easily preventable diseases.

The World Gifts Health fund supports healthcare, disease prevention, HIV and AIDS work, plus care for the most vulnerable people in poor communities.

By buying a World Gift in this fund, you give people who are in desperate need of medical attention the chance of a safe recovery.

Buy a World Gift from the Health Fund

Water and Food Icon Water fund 

World Gifts transform lives. In some of the world’s poorest places, water – the most basic requirement for human life – is in short supply.

The World Gifts Water fund provides poor communities with this life-saving essential.

By buying a World Gift in this fund, you ensure people living on the edge of survival have access to this vital resource.

Buy a World Gift from the Water fund


Education and Skills Icon Education Fund

Many people living in poverty have had no education or training, preventing them from earning a decent living and making life all the more precarious.

The World Gifts Education Fund gives people of all ages the chance to learn, so they can work towards brighter and more secure futures.

By buying a World Gift in this fund, you give people the chance to learn life-changing skills.

Buy a World Gift from the Education Fund


Emergency and Conflict Icon Emergencies Fund

When disaster strikes, people are often left with nothing - in countries with little or no emergency services, many communities are lucky to survive.

The World Gifts Emergencies Fund provides immediate aid such as food, water and shelter, but also continues supporting vulnerable communities as they rebuild and prepare against future emergencies.

By buying any of our Emergency World Gifts, you help people who have lost everything, giving them the chance to get back on their feet.

Buy a World Gift from the Emergencies Fund


Finishing Touches Icon Special extras

As well as virtual gifts, we also offer finishing touches such as delicious seasonal chocolates, tote bags, stickers, crosses and fun sheets to complete your World Gift order.

These gifts do not go into a specific World Gift fund, but the income raised goes to CAFOD's unrestricted and general fund, meaning that we can use this money wherever it is needed most.

Buy a World Gifts Special extras


World Gifts are provided by CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency, and a member of Caritas International, a worldwide network of Catholic relief and development organisations.

We work with partners in some of the poorest communities in the world, listening to their needs and helping them to find their own solutions. We work with all people regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality.

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