Vegetable garden

This charity gift for green-fingered gardeners can help a vulnerable family, facing difficult farming conditions, to plant and maintain their very own vegetable garden.

Why buy this Vegetable garden gift?

  • The perfect present for a green-fingered gardener. Or, celebrate new beginnings – buy this charity gift to commemorate a Baptism!
  • A struggling family can receive seeds for a whole year – enough for them to grow their own veg and enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet.
  • Forget five-a-day – the more veggies the better! Extra produce can be shared with other families, or sold at market for extra income.

    Case study: Growing a better future in South Sudan

    “I never buy any vegetables in the market because I am producing my own” Amer Kot, South Sudan

    Amer Kot, 55, and her family, live in South Sudan. Changeable weather makes growing crops hard as they can so easily be ruined by flooding or drought before they are ready to harvest. In the past Amer Kot had to forage for wild fruit and vegetables in the bush, risking snake bites and other dangers.

    With CAFOD’s support, Amer Kot has received fast-growing seeds and training on how to grow and preserve the vegetables. Now there is enough for her family to eat and extra to sell at the local market so she can earn an income.

    She is very proud of what she is growing and is careful to preserve vegetable seeds from each harvest so she can grow them again next year. Next, she wants to learn how to grow a wider variety of vegetables to eat and sell and has already started trying to grow mangoes!

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