Fall in love with World Gifts this Valentine's Day

Fall in love with World Gifts this Valentine's Day

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Roses are red, violets are blue, our World Gifts are perfect and so are you.

Whether you’re newly coupled up, engaged, married, or a secret admirer, whatever you’re choosing to gift this Valentine’s Day should be just as unique as the recipient.

For many this can mean roses or chocolates, but we also know lots of you like to go for something even more special and unique. And what's more unique than a World Gift?

This year, why not explore CAFOD’s World Gifts and celebrate your love with your significant other and our global family? Check out our top recommendations to say, ‘I love you!’ with World Gifts:

Will you bee mine?

Our Happy queen bee gift is only £4 but perfect for including the compulsory Valentine's day pun. If this gift doesn't get your loved one buzzed, we're not sure what will.

Celebrate your girlfriend or wife with this gift that stands in   solidarity with women everywhere!

The Goat that gives...hugs?

Most animal lovers think goats are adorable and we agree! On top of that a goat can provide a family with milk to drink and sell and manure to help them grow crops. And who can resist the cute goat eyes on our illustration?

Let love grow with Trees for life

Just £8 will supply a family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own nursery. A bargain compared to a bunch of roses!

Whichever World Gift you choose for your Valentine this year, we're sure they'll love it! Remember you can always choose the Print at home or Ecard delivery option to get a personalised card in time for Valentine's Day.

World Gifts are gifts that mean more! Treat your loved one to something unique and special today.

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