Happy queen bee

This bee-utiful charity gift can provide a happy queen bee for a busy hive. The queen attracts more bees to the hive, and more bees mean more delicious honey to eat and sell!

Why buy this Happy queen bee gift?

  • A charity gift for bee lovers and honey eaters – guaranteed to create a real buzz! At just £4, it’s the perfect stocking filler.
  • Vulnerable families in remote regions can get a bee-inspired boost to their diets – honey is highly nutritious and can even help to fight infections!
  • There’s money to bee made! Or is that honey to be made? With a queen bee in charge of a productive hive, families can start their own honey-making businesses to support their modest incomes.

Case study: Bees are helping Carolina

“For me, the most beautiful part of beekeeping is seeing the bees at work. Working with bees has helped me to see things differently and continue to move forward.” Carolina, El Salvador

Carolina is a young beekeeper in El Salvador. She is a single mother with a young daughter. She lives at home with her family.

Carolina and her uncle received funding for five beehives from CAFOD. Thanks to Carolina’s hard work, they now have 20 hives, with plenty of honey to eat. Their aim is to continue to add hives, to produce more honey to sell, and to provide for their family.

Carolina told us: “We know that when honey is mixed with lemon it's good for sore throats. We are seeing all the good that eating honey does.”

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