The goat that gives

Not only does this charity gift of a goat provide a family with up to 12 pints of milk a week – milk they can either drink or sell – it also produces free fertiliser! Fertiliser can help a family grow their own crops.

Why buy this Goat that gives?

  • You’ve just goat to buy this unusual charity gift for the animal lover in your life – especially popular with kids!
  • This multi-talented goat provides nutritious milk to supplement a basic diet.
  • Goats are very hardy animals. They are easy care for, they eat almost anything and their dung is brilliant fertiliser!

    Case study: Goats bringing hope in Bangladesh

    “I believe that one day I will be free from suffering.” Rubina, Bangladesh 

    Rubina is 38 years old and lives with her husband and daughter in Bangladesh. Her husband is disabled and unable to work. Rubina’s family rely solely on her income. In the past, they had no land to grow food on and Rubina was forced to beg for money to buy food.

    Thanks to support from CAFOD, Rubina and her family have received a nanny goat, goat feed, and training on how to care for their goat. With baby goats on the way, Rubina should have plenty of goats to keep or sell as she chooses. In addition, she can sell any excess milk at the local market to help provide a steady income.  

    Goats are the perfect livestock for many families living in rural areas. They are relatively easy to look after and can provide up to 12 pints of nutritious milk a week. As Rubina has discovered, they also breed quickly. As well as her goats, Rubina is expecting to be granted access to some nearby land to grow vegetables on. 

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