Case study: Sewing a better future

“I couldn’t do anything. I never knew how to help myself. I have a skill now, I’m independent, I can do everything on my own.” Lucelia, Liberia

Lucelia, 22, lives in Liberia where there are very few opportunities for young people without a skill. Many young people, especially women, don’t have the opportunity to finish their education and are left without a source of income or any chance of success.

Without an education or any specific skill set, Lucelia was unable to find work or to earn a living. With CAFOD’s support, she and other young women have learnt the essential skills of being a seamstress and can now earn a living sewing clothes.

Lucelia’s aim is to earn enough money to be able to go back to school and continue learning. “I am proud to wake up and go to work,” she says.

Sewing kit

This brilliant charity gift can help a young woman learn a new skill. Becoming a seamstress can open up a whole world of possibilities to someone whose education was cut short – sowing the seeds to a brighter future by providing more self-confidence as well as a steady income.

Why buy this Sewing kit gift?

  • This super sewing gift is perfect for friends and family who love getting creative with a sewing machine or knitting needles.
  • A young woman will receive all the equipment she needs –including scissors, a tape measure and a worktable – so she can set up a successful seamstress business, providing a steady income for years to come.
  • Learning a trade not only provides a woman with a source of income, but also offers her a rich seam of self-confidence

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