Sewing kit

This brilliant charity gift can help a young woman learn a new skill.  For someone whose education is cut short, becoming a tailor opens up a whole world of possibilities – sewing the seeds to a brighter future by increasing self-confidence and providing a steady income.

Why buy this Sewing kit gift?

  • This super sewing charity gift is perfect for friends and family who love to get creative with sewing machines and knitting needles.
  • A stitch in time saves nine! With all the equipment needed to set up a successful tailoring business, young women can earn steady incomes and provide for their own futures.
  • Learning a trade not only provides a source of income, but also increases self-confidence.

Case study: Sewing a better future

“I couldn’t do anything. I never knew how to help myself. I have a skill now, I’m independent, I can do everything on my own.” Lucelia, Liberia

Lucelia lives in Liberia. There are very few opportunities for young people. Many young people – especially women – don’t have the opportunity to finish their education, to learn a skill, and they are left without a source of income or any chance of success.

Without an education or a specific skill set, Lucelia was unable to find work or earn a living. Thankfully, with CAFOD’s support, Lucelia and other young women have learnt the essential skills required to become tailors.

Lucelia can now earn a living sewing clothes. Her aim is to earn enough money so she can afford to go back to school and continue learning. She told us: “I am proud to wake up and go to work.”

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