Cecelia's story

"Now we have enough water for food, to clean ourselves and our clothes, for our animals to drink." Cecelia, Uganda

Water is scarce in Cecelia's village. Between droughts and the dry season, the nearest river often dries up completely. As water runs out, tensions rise between the tribes in the area. When she was a child, Cecelia's sister was killed as desperate people fought over the dwindling resources.

A CAFOD-supported project repaired a vital borehole in Cecelia's village and provided tools and training to community members so that they can maintain it. Now they have their own source of water, there is no violence. "People follow the line", she says. "If you come first, you collect your water first. If you arrive last, you collect your water last."

A reliable source of clean water means Cecelia no longer has to worry about her five children catching diseases when they drink. Cecelia is also the chairperson of the community's Water User Committee, which maintains the borehole so the whole community can bathe safely, helping increase hygiene and reduce the risk of illness. "I would like to say thank you to the people for the good they have done here", Cecelia said.

Community water supply

This gift can help a community establish their own supply of clean, safe water by providing the materials and training to build and maintain boreholes, pumps and water tanks.

Why buy this Community water supply gift?

    • A lack of clean, safe water can lead to community tensions as well as the risk of disease.
    • This gift provides a local source of clean water, plus the training and tools to maintain the pump or tank.
    • Whole communities are safer from disease and work together to preserve a supply of fresh water.

    This gift includes a posted gift card.