Vegetable garden

This charity gift for green-fingered gardeners can help a vulnerable family, facing difficult farming conditions, to plant and maintain their very own vegetable garden.

Why buy this Vegetable garden gift?

  • The perfect present for a green-fingered gardener. Or, celebrate new beginnings – buy this charity gift to commemorate a Baptism!
  • A struggling family can receive seeds for a whole year – enough for them to grow their own veg and enjoy a healthy, nutritious diet.
  • Forget five-a-day – the more veggies the better! Extra produce can be shared with other families, or sold at market for extra income.

    Case study: Feeding families in Bolivia

    “Through the project we’re now able to grow flowers, carrots and lettuces.” Cristina, Bolivia

    Cristina lives in a remote region of Bolivia. She is married and has four children. In order for her family to survive, her husband spends most of the year doing low-paid, seasonal work in the city of La Paz. Alone at home, Cristina is responsible for farming the family’s land and providing food.

    Thankfully, we worked with local experts to help Cristina construct a vegetable garden. We taught her how to sow seeds, irrigate her land and successfully grow her vegetables. Cristina is now able to produce enough vegetables to feed her family. She grows lettuce, maize, potatoes, onions and carrots.

    As well as providing her family with a healthy diet, Cristina’s vegetable garden often produces surplus crops to sell at market. With the extra money Cristina makes from selling vegetables and flowers, she can now afford to send two of her children to university.

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