Community water supply

This charity gift can help a remote, vulnerable community to establish their own supply of clean, safe water. By providing materials and training, local experts can work with remote communities to build and maintain new hand pumps and water tanks, meaning less disease and fuller crops!

Why buy this Community water supply gift?

  • A perfect charity gift for a fundraising target! Get together with your community – your parish or school – to provide a remote and vulnerable community with life-saving, clean water.
  • This gift can help to reduce violence in conflict-prone regions, as whole communities must work together to preserve their supply of water.
  • Families can be freed from the worry of catching deadly water-borne diseases and can lead longer, healthier lives.

Case study: Water that saves lives

"They say water is life. They say if you have water, a human being can do anything they want. I believe this is true." Moru Zachary Khicham, local headteacher

Evelyn is a local expert from rural Uganda working to improve her community. Many villages in Uganda have no access to water sources nearby. People are forced to walk miles each day to gather water for their families. The water sources they travel to are often unclean, or even dried up altogether. Often, people are forced to queue for hours to get water. 

Without clean water, people are frequently unwell. From cholera to diarrhoea, the threat of unclean water is very real – death from water-borne disease is common. Evelyn knows this and has worked with villagers to install motorised pumps so clean water can be easily accessed from boreholes in the ground.  Now, people in vulnerable, remote communities can access clean, safe water close to their homes – without the long walk and long queues.  

Evelyn has seen a remarkable improvement in the villages with access to water. People are healthier and happier. She notes that: “without hygiene, communities don’t improve.”

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