Case study: How trees helped Dennis

"I really love seeing things growing and caring for things." Dennis, Zambia

Dennis lives in Northern Zambia, where seven out of ten people live below the poverty line. When he was thirteen, Dennis’ father told him to leave home, as he didn’t have enough money to support him.

Starting with just a few seeds, Dennis began farming and returned to school. CAFOD started the school and funds an orchard there, where Dennis has learnt to grow fruit trees. He has planted orange and banana trees at his home thanks to the school orchard and they are now growing well. 

Dennis eats some of the fruit with his family and sells any extra that he grows. He can afford to stay in school and even to send his younger brothers and sisters there. When he is older, Dennis would like to be a teacher, but for now, his trees bring him happiness. “I’m in control of my future. I feel so happy. Now I have the things I have grown and raised in my life by myself.”


Trees for life

This charity gift will supply a family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own tree nursery. Not only will the trees provide fresh, nutrient-rich fruit to eat year after year, but the extra produce can be sold at market.

Why buy this Trees for life gift?

  • Go bananas! The perfect gift for gardeners, these trees provide families with fruit to eat year after year.
  • This charity gift plants five tree saplings overseas, making it a great gift idea for a new baby or a Baptism.
  • You'll also provide training and tools to families to help them look after their trees and change their lives permanently.

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