Terrific toilet

These lovely loos are the best way to stop the spread of serious diseases, keeping whole communities healthy and safe.

Why buy this Terrific toilet gift?

  • Tell disease to bog off! Even with a supply of water that’s safe to drink, without toilets, communities are vulnerable to diseases like cholera.
  • Don’t drive yourself loopy searching for presents for someone who is difficult to buy for. This lovely loo is the perfect, unusual, surprise birthday gift!
  • Learning on the job - as toilets are being built, local experts provide health and hygiene training to the whole community, so everyone can benefit.

    Case study: Toilet transformation

    "I thank CAFOD for the toilet gift" Gbessay, Sierra Leone

    Without a toilet in her home, Gbessay and her children were forced into the bush when they needed the loo. Every time they went they risked deadly diseases, worms and even snake bites – especially at night. Gbessay knew her family needed a toilet, but what could she do? Building a loo costs a lot of money and Gbessay urgently needed to buy food, clothing and medicine for her children who were often sick. Thankfully, CAFOD worked alongside local experts to give families in Gbessay’s community the tools and training to build a working toilet.

    Gbessay’s children can now go to the toilet safely. She has noticed that fewer people in her community are getting sick and dying from infectious diseases and diarrhoea. She told us: “I am very happy and proud of CAFOD’s work. I pray that this project will be extended to other communities around us.”

    With your help, and the hard work of people like Gbessay, we can build even more Terrific toilets – giving families security and comfort as they go to the loo and protecting them from deadly diseases.

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