Case study: Toilet transformation!

"I thanks CAFOD for the toilet gift" Gbessay, Sierra Leone

We take toilets for granted – being able to use one safely and in privacy is something we should be thankful for.

Without a toilet in her home, Gbessay and her children had to go into the bush, risking deadly diseases, worms and even snake bites.

Gbessay knew her family needed a toilet, but what could she do? Building one costs money and needs skill and Gbessay urgently needed to buy food, clothing and medicine for her children who were often sick.

CAFOD worked with Gbessay’s entire community to give families training and tools to build a toilet.

Now every home has one.

Gbessay’s children can now go to the toilet safely and she has noticed that fewer people in her community are getting sick and dying from infectious diseases like diarrhoea.  “I am very much happy and proud of CAFOD’s work,” she told us. “I pray that this project will be extended to other needy communities around us.”

With your help, we can build Terrific toilets for more families, and help protect them from deadly diseases.

Terrific toilet

These lovely loos are the best way to stop the spread of serious diseases and to keep whole communities safe and well.

Why buy this Terrific toilet gift?

  • Even with a safe water supply, without toilets, communities are vulnerable to diseases like cholera.
  • Give this lovely loo as an unusual gift to someone who is difficult to buy for - it makes the perfect surprise birthday gift!
  • We provide health and hygiene training when toilets are built so that the whole community can benefit from their new toilets.

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