Exciting new World Gifts for 2023!

Exciting new World Gifts for 2023!

We have added four wonderful new gifts to our World Gifts range, keep reading to find out more:

Winter survival kit £30 


For vulnerable families living in remote, rural areas harsh winter weather can be devastating. They are often at risk from being cut off from the rest of the world due to avalanches, landslides and flooding. This gift can provide much-needed cash for families so they can purchase essential items like warm clothing, blankets, fuel, and food in preparation for winter.

Precious period pads £15 

After a disaster hits, women are often left without the basics. This empowering charity gift helps provide hygiene products such as soap and reusable sanitary pads to help women and girls cope in the midst of a crisis.


Remarkable radio £40 


For people living in remote communities, radio is a remarkably helpful tool. This chatty charity gift can boost crucial communication in rural areas and raise awareness on vital issues. Radios help indigenous people whose lives are at risk for defending their rights and protecting the environment.

Safe place to call home £49 

This gift can help a family to access the legal aid they need to secure their homes and livelihoods. This is particularly important for people trying to live in areas where people are contending for land use, such as in the Amazon rainforest. By supporting families to secure their homes, you can protect the land from being deforested due to industrial farming.



Don't forget, you can get 2 free coasters if you spend £50 or more! 


Hopefully one of these new gifts will spark your interest, if not, your old favourites are still available! Check out our full range here

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