Weatherproof crops

When crops fail due to extreme weather, poor families in rural areas go hungry. This gift can provide essential training, seeds from different strains of local crops that can survive longer without water, as well as teaching how to grow plants raised above floodwater areas.

Why buy this Weatherproof crops gift?

  • Droughts and unpredictable rainfall are increasing due to climate change. This excellent charity gift idea can save lives in times of crisis.
  • No one should go hungry. Using special seeds and techniques helps farmers provide for their families. Crops such as ‘millet’ are far more resilient and can grow with little water. While growing crops raised above the ground protects them from floodwaters.
  • This is the perfect charity gift for eco-warriors and environmentalists, offering practical support to those directly affected by climate change

Case study: Super seeds growing in the hardest conditions

“I have proven it is possible to grow vegetables here by using the right seeds and techniques.” Kulsum, Bangladesh  

Kulsum is 48 years old. She lives in rural Bangladesh with her husband. The climate crisis means sea levels are rising. This, in turn, has made the water close to Kulsum’s land too salty to grow vegetables. 

Through CAFOD’s local farming experts, Kulsum has received seeds that can grow even in the salty conditions. So far, she has grown a range of vegetables for her and her husband to eat. She’s been so successful she’s also been able to sell extra vegetables at her local market. 

Going forward, Kulsum has been able to preserve seeds from the vegetables she has grown. That way she can continue to plant and grow them for harvests to come, despite the extreme soil conditions. 

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