Case study: Helping children overcome the trauma of war

“We’re making a positive change in society – many children come to the classes and start improving” CAFOD-funded tutor, Syria[1]

Sami[2] is nine years old and lives in Aleppo, one of the Syrian cities hit hardest by the devastating civil war.

He and his older sister Maysara[3] were devoted students. They risked their lives each day by bravely going to school, even though the war had spread to their city.

Then, one day, tragedy struck. While he was in a maths class, Sami heard a huge explosion. A bomb had hit their school, killing Maysara.

Sami was devastated. He kept reliving the explosion and couldn’t concentrate on his studies.

Help came through CAFOD-funded tutors who worked closely with Sami to overcome his fears, drawing bright pictures on the windows that had shattered in the bombing and rewarding him with toys for his efforts.

Thanks to the tutors and classes funded by CAFOD, Sami has returned to school and moved to the top of his class in maths and languages. He is now much more sociable and is applying for more exams. When he is older, Sami says he wants to help rebuild Aleppo and create a better future for himself and his country.

[1] Identity of tutor withheld

[2] Name changed

[3] Name changed

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