Fantastic fisherfolk

This charity gift helps fisherfolk stay safe at sea. You can make a real difference by providing a lifejacket, a safety mirror, a rechargeable and waterproof headtorch, and a compass to fishers around the world. With the right tools and training, a fisher can find better, more sustainable sources of fish to catch, eat and sell!  

Why buy this  Fantastic fisherfolk gift?

  • You won’t have to go fishing for thank-yous with this quirky and unusual charity gift – perfect for fish lovers everywhere! 
  • There’s nothing fishy about fish – they provide a healthy, high-in-protein source of food for entire families. 
  • Tools and training help keep fisherman safe as they locate the best areas to fish without hurting the environment. 

Case study: Aloysius nets himself a better catch. 

“I am now sailing long distances, unlike other fishermen. I have found suitable and favourable fishing grounds and am making better daily catches.” Aloysius, Liberia

Aloysius lives in Liberia, where he has worked as a fisherman for many years. He began working with his dad when he was 13 years old. Working with his dad he managed to save up money and purchase a canoe for himself. Several years later, he upgraded to a small motorboat. But he didn’t have access to the safety tools or techniques that would help him to make the most of his boat.

Aloysius is grateful to his dad for everything he taught him about fishing. Local experts working with CAFOD have also trained Aloysius, so he feels confident to sail further and fish in difficult weather. This newfound confidence means he can find better fishing grounds, with larger fisher, and avoid catching fish he’d otherwise have to throw away. This is better for Aloysius and the planet!

As well as the tools and training to keep him safe while fishing, Aloysius also has strong, climate-friendly nets that help him catch just the right size fish, meaning less waste. Aloysius knows that he and his local community rely on fishing – that it needs to be sustainable – and that now they can safely carry on fishing for years to come.

“It's my hope that many others can benefit like me to improve their livelihood.” 

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