Case Study: Improving health, nutrition and income

"Life is great. I am happy now and I am grateful to those who helped me." Haylay, Ethiopia

Haylay is 24 and lives in northern Ethiopia. Regular droughts cause crops to fail and leave many families facing hunger. In this poverty-stricken area, there are very few opportunities or prospects for a young man like Haylay. Thanks to CAFOD's support, Haylay received 20 chickens as well as training in how to keep them healthy and improve their productivity. Chickens are a wonderful alternative for families that can't rely on crops. They are easy to look after, their eggs are a valuable source of nutrition and they can be sold to provide a vital source of income. Haylay loves his chickens and they repay him by producing between 8 and 13 eggs a day, which he sells at the local market.

Chirpy chickens

Give the gift of chickens, along with training to help look after them, so poor families can produce eggs to eat and sell.

Why buy a Chirpy chickens gift?

  • A chicken is a great alternative for farmers who can't rely on crops and don't take up much space
  • Easy to look after, chickens produce nutritious eggs daily, which can be eaten or sold
  • Chickens also breed well, meaning that a family's flock can quickly grow.

This gift includes a posted gift card.