Build a greenhouse

This unique charity gift provides a vulnerable family with the essential materials needed to build a greenhouse, to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables all year round.

Why buy this Build a greenhouse gift?

  • Gardeners and green-fingered folk will blooming love this quirky gift!
  • The greenhouse protects plants from unpredictable weather conditions and allows a much greater range of veggies to be grown - like onions, tomatoes and carrots.
  • Growing their own vegetables means that families don't have to buy as much food. They can even sell their surplus veggies for extra cash.

Case study: Life-changing fruit and veg

"I no longer need to invest in buying ingredients to cook with." Joana, Bolivia

Joana lives in a remote part of Bolivia prone to unpredictable weather. Growing veg in a consistent way is difficult. Thankfully, with CAFOD’s help, Joana received a greenhouse and can now successfully grow her own vegetables.

“I really like this greenhouse,” Joana told us. “I have struggled in my life until now, but this support has come along and it has really helped and encouraged me.”

Joana earns a living by preparing meals to sell. By growing her own food, not only do her family get to eat nutritious meals every day, but also she no longer needs to buy ingredients to cook with.

“My tomatoes are growing well. I’ll be able to use them in everything, like salads. I just take the products from here and cook with them. There is more food now!”


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