Restore the rainforest

Protect precious rainforests for future generations. This special charity gift can help communities obtain the legal right to make the land in the Amazon their permanent home, protecting it from deforestation and cultivating in harmony with nature.

Why buy this  Restore the rainforest gift?

  • The Amazon rainforest, and the people who live there, are under threat from clearance, burning and logging. But local people know how to thrive whilst protecting the forest. By protecting their rights to live on the land and to manage it sustainably, you can protect the rainforest itself.
  • This gift can ensure that a community is able to continue to protect and restore the forest whilst thriving on the land that is their home.
  • This is a perfect gift for a team of climate heroes! Whether you’re a school, campaigns group or parish, join together to fundraise for a cleaner greener world by supporting locals on the frontline.

Case study: Fighting for our common home in the Amazon rainforest

“We got our right to stay on the land by insisting.” Dona Lindalva, the Amazon

Dona Lindalva is a community leader in Porto Seguro Settlement, a protected area in the Amazon surrounded by cattle farms. She has served her community for years, helping them to secure the area as their legal home, but it hasn’t been easy. They spent two years in the area before the police first came and forced everyone to leave. Their homes and all of their belongings were destroyed. 

Despite their homes being on public land, which they had the right to settle on, her community continued to be evicted every time they returned. Dona Lindalva worked with CAFOD-funded legal experts to prove their right to live there and prevent further evictions.

Now they have secured this right and farm the land in a sustainable way. They nurture the forest that survives and have begun reforesting and cultivating in harmony with nature areas that had already been deforested by the neighbouring cattle farms.

"My first dream was that we would be settled. We have that. We can plant, we have planted our trees. I am able to live off the land here. So that’s one dream we have achieved.”

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