Chirpy chickens

Our Chirpy chickens charity gift is eggs-tremely popular! You can provide chickens, along with the training to help look after them, to vulnerable families, so they can produce eggs to eat or sell.

Why buy this Chirpy chickens gift?

  • Don’t be a chicken! Buy one instead. They make for egg-cellent – and memorable – charity gifts for family and friends alike!
  • A chicken is a great alternative for farmers who can’t rely on crops. They don’t take up much space and they produce delicious, nutritious eggs every single day.
  • Chickens breed well. A family’s brood can quickly grow – extra chickens and eggs can be sold to provide families with extra money in case of emergencies.

    Case study: Eggs and employment in El Salvador

    “Things have changed for us now, as women - we have our own business” Angela, El Salvador. 

    Angela lives with her family in rural El Salvador. As a woman, there were very few opportunities for her to work and provide for her family. She looked after the home and her children, but Angela wanted to do more.

    Thankfully, with the support of local experts funded by CAFOD, Angela and her friend Sylvia received 50 chickens – enough to provide eggs for both their families to eat and sell. Chickens are easy to look after and provide both a valuable source of nutrition and a vital income.

    Angela’s business is so successful she now earns enough to save a little each month. She feels proud that she can contribute to her family’s income and save in case of emergencies.

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