Build a greenhouse

This unique charity gift provides a vulnerable family with the essential materials needed to build a greenhouse, to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables all year round no matter how challenging the weather.

Why buy this Build a greenhouse gift?

  • Gardeners and green-fingered folk will blooming love this quirky gift!
  • The greenhouse protects plants from unpredictable weather conditions and allows a much greater range of veggies to be grown - like onions, tomatoes and carrots.
  • Growing their own vegetables means that families don't have to buy as much food. They can even sell their surplus veggies for extra cash.

Case study: Reliable fruit and veg thanks to a great greenhouse

“Now we have enough to eat, I feel great!” Nicanora, Bolivia

Nicanora’s home in rural Bolivia has seen increasingly extreme weather as a result of the climate crisis. The unreliable weather is making it almost impossible to grow fruit and veg.

Thankfully, with the support of CAFOD, Nicanora and her family built a brilliant greenhouse.

A greenhouse provides Nicanora and her family with a controlled environment, so they can grow their fruit and vegetables more reliably. So far, they’ve been growing lettuce, celery, maize, spinach, peppers and tomatoes. They’ve also planted strawberries, watermelon and mandarins.

The whole family is getting involved. The children love to plant seeds and watch them grow. Nicanora told us: “Their hands are good for growing. They have green fingers!”

Now the family has a fresh, nutritious and healthy diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables left over to sell and make some extra money, so they can look after themselves during uncertain times.

“My biggest happiness is having vegetables. Before I used to cook without vegetables. I feel that we are living well because now we have food.”


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