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Charity gifts for teachers

For most people, the school term has been a bit of an abstract concept considering how many kids haven't been able to go to school. We know that schools have adapted in different ways, but for many teachers, a closed school has meant even more work than normal! Whether you get to see your teacher in person to say thank you for all their work over the last few months, or if you just want to send a quick e-card to show you know how hard they've worked despite not being able to see them - World Gifts has some great options. Gifts for primary school teachers Teach someone to read is the obvious choice! It's £10, and is particularly suitable...

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Last-minute gifts that make perfect presents!

Christmas shopping Feel the joy! Our wonderful range of World Gifts are available to order in time for Christmas. If you’re feeling a little pushed for time amidst the Christmas rush then fear not. Choose an eCard or Print-at-home World Gift for instant delivery via email. Saving you stress and saving our planet’s precious resources too. What a great idea! Choose your Gifts Choose from our range of World Gifts that suit all budgets, from Happy queen bee (£4) to the Health clinic (£4,000). Our best sellers are - Teach someone to read (£10) and Water for a family (£33). Choose delivery that suits you To find the eCards and print-at-home options, they are available for (almost) all gifts -...

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