Women's support centre

It is so important to have someone to listen to us when we are hurt, scared or alone. Talking and listening are powerful tools for recovery from trauma. This deeply compassionate charity gift can provide a vulnerable woman, who has experienced violence, with the support she needs to get her life back together. 

Why buy this  Women's support centre gift?

  • Let vulnerable women know that you are listening. This thoughtful gift can allow a woman who has experienced trauma to tell her story in a safe space - the first step on the road to recovery. 
  • Sadly, some communities shame and shun women who experience violence. This charity gift can support training and education sessions to show people the power of reaching out to and loving those who are hurt, instead of turning them away.  
  • Along with medical treatment and psychosocial support, listening centres are a great place for women to learn new trades so they can earn an independent income. 

Case study: Listening changes lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“I got help from Centre Olame. They gave me some money to start farming and raising a goat and rabbits. I received health cards to help with the medical care of the children and Centre Olame supports my daughter’s studies.” – Mapendo, DRC 

Mapendo was just 18 when she was forced from her home and attacked. Her village community did not want her to return home – they shamed her for something that was not her fault. She later found out she was pregnant. Following this ordeal, Mapendo struggled to make her way in the world.

Thankfully, she found help from Centre Olame, a CAFOD funded listening centre – a place where women who have experienced sexual violence can come together to receive comfort, love and compassion, as well as practical support to help them rebuild their lives. From emotional support and counselling to help women deal with trauma, through medical aid they might require, to learning new life skills and trades so they can live independently – the listening centre provides a safe-haven for women to start again.

Thanks to the centre, Mapendo has received both emotional support, to help her deal with her trauma, and practical skills like farming techniques, so she can make an independent income. The centre is also working to change the reactions of locals to survivors of sexual violence. They are working towards a future where communities are supportive of women, regardless of their personal circumstances.

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