Wonderful worms

These little wrigglers are on a mission to help vulnerable farmers around the world to grow more, more and more! 

Why buy these Wonderful worms?

  • These wonderful wiggly worms will make fantastic charity gifts for all your green-fingered loves ones!
  • Worms naturally turn barren soil into compost, allowing farmers in remote landscapes to grow enough food to feed their families.
  • Any unneeded compost can be sold to local farmers to make extra money, to save in case of emergencies.

Case study: Helping rural communities in Bangladesh

“The worm-produced compost reduced my hardship and now I can feed my family three meals a day.” Razia, Bangladesh

Razia lives in Lebutala, Bangladesh. She has a small plot of land where she grows vegetables to feed her family. 

She used to struggle to grow enough food to feed her family even two meals a day. The soil quality was very poor and made worse by using chemical fertilisers. Razia knew that if she didn’t do something soon to increase the amount she grew, the family would not have enough to eat from their land and could struggle with health problems.

Razia’s life was transformed by some amazing squirming worms. CAFOD gave her a kilogram of earthworms and trained her how to make rich compost for her land with them. Despite doubts from her family and neighbours, Razia grew an abundance of beautiful veg thanks to her wonderful worms and their compost.

Today, Razia grows more than enough to feed her family and sells the extra vegetables at the market. And the worms have been so productive, she also sells the extra they make to local farmers!

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