School starter pack

Many children in developing countries cannot go to school. Lacking education, they are unable to reach their true potential. This brilliant, considerate charity gift includes items such as stationery, textbooks, art materials and a school bag – simple, everyday items needed to attend lessons.

Why buy this School starter pack gift?

  • A brilliant present for teachers and children alike, this ideal end-of-term charity gift is packed full of essentials that will give vulnerable pupils around the world a great start to their school careers!
  • This gift makes a genuine difference. In some places, a child without a textbooks, pens or books is not allowed to attend school.
  • By providing stationery, arts materials and schoolbags, children are not only given the opportunity to learn, but the confidence to grow!

    Case study: A chance to go to school

    “I’d like to be a lawyer to help children with disabilities.” Dana, Syria  

    Dana lives in Syria with her family. She has a learning disability, but this hasn’t stopped her pursuing an education.   

    Sadly, Dana’s first school didn’t have access to the right resources to be able to properly support her. Dana was also bullied for her disability. She was left feeling lonely and unable to progress.    

    Thankfully, Dana is now getting the support she needs from a local, CAFOD-funded project. As part of this project, the school building is specially adapted for children living with various disabilities. It also has the resources Dana needs to keep learning without worrying about missing out or falling behind.  

     Dana is building her confidence back, making friends and becoming more integrated in society. She’s also been taught how to deal with any bullying or prejudice she might experience, and her parents have received guidance on how to support her.   

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