Emergency shelter

When disaster strikes, this amazing charity gift can make a life-saving difference to those in urgent need – providing essential shelter to a family who have lost absolutely everything.

Why buy this Emergency shelter gift?

  • Help us be there quickly in a crisis. This impactful gift can provide essential shelter for displaced families as speedily as possible.
  • We support local experts who are already on the ground. This generous charity gift means they can get to work as soon as disasters strike – protecting vulnerable people from further harm.
  • Access to basic shelter can keep people safe from adverse weather conditions, and give them a place that is their own in a time of crises.

Case study: Shelter in the wake of Cyclone Idai

“With the support of the British public, our local aid workers on the ground will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we can reach communities in the most isolated areas with vital emergency aid.” Christine Allen, CAFOD’s director 

Branca lives in a remote village in Mozambique. When Cyclone Idai hit, her village was completely submerged. Villagers were forced to take shelter in the treetops for four days before the waters receded.   

Branca’s home was completely destroyed so she needed to make an emergency shelter, quickly. When CAFOD reached Branca’s village, with the help of local experts, we provided the tools and materials to help her survive.  

This charity gift can give hope to families whose lives have been turned upside down – with homes destroyed, livelihoods lost and communities torn apart. It will mean we are ready to make a life-changing difference to a family in great need during an emergency. 

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