New printer and eco-friendly Print at Home cards

New printer and eco-friendly Print at Home cards

We have listened to your feedback and have worked with our amazing designers to update our Print at home cards to make them easier and cheaper to print. 

By using less colour and less paper we are ensuring that this option is as eco-friendly and printer-friendly as possible! 

Here's a preview of what the new Print at home card looks like: 

Print at home Happy queen bee

Once you have placed an order with a Print at home delivery option, we will email you the card as a pdf for you to be able to download it. Simply download the pdf, print it on your printer and fold the paper into a card!

And the best thing is you can print this whatever size you like, which means you can print it small and insert it into a different celebration card or print it large and treat is as the main card to give to your loved one.

You can get the Print at home card with any of our World Gifts. Explore our full range of gifts here

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