Behind the World Gift: Garmeh’s Home for life

Behind the World Gift: Garmeh’s Home for life

‘It was not going to be easy without this property’ Garmeh, Liberia

How having a Home for life has changed Garmeh's life 

When Garmeh’s husband died, she and her four children faced the threat of eviction and homelessness because, as a woman, she had no legal rights to her marital home in Liberia.

Garmeh’s struggle is not that unusual. She is one of many women around the world who struggle to keep their homes from being reclaimed if they are widowed.

Thanks to gifts like Home for life and the support of CAFOD and its local experts, Garmeh was able to prove the right to the property she shared with her husband and children.

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Gaining the right to her home became invaluable in times of struggle and gave Garmeh just enough strength to withstand yet another devastating tragedy, the death of her oldest daughter.

All of the challenges and loss has had a negative impact on Garmeh who is struggling with her mental and physical health.

‘After my husband and biggest daughter died, the very difficulties I anticipated started to affect us. They were the bread winners for the family’ she told us. ‘As a widow I continue to face daily economic challenges since I lost my husband. My oldest daughter also died afterward and left her 3 children with me along with mine’ she added.

Now Garmeh, a single mother and carer to six children, has to also work hard to earn a living to provide food and pay for school fees and hope for a better future for her children.

The difference Home for life continues to make 

Although life has been far from easy for Garmeh and her family, having the right to their home brings consolation and offers a safe haven during these difficult and uncertain times.

She has been able to plant a vegetable garden on her land to help her ‘survive through this economic hardship’ and provide some food for her and the children.

Thanks to gifts like Home for life, Garmeh and hundreds of widows like her are able to remain in their homes at times of great struggle.

‘I want to thank God and the people from CAFOD for helping to possess my house’ said Garmeh.

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