Behind the World Gift: Nyanguet's Emergency food gift

Behind the World Gift: Nyanguet's Emergency food gift

‘I am really pleased now I have moved out of trouble. My children and I feel safe here now’ Nyanguet, South Sudan

Food in time of crisis 

During this Advent, we have been sharing the powerful story of Nyanguet, a wife and mother to five children from South Sudan.

Nyanguet and her family were forced to flee their community after conflict broke out and their home was burned down.

For several days they hid in a mosquito-infested swampland before embarking on an exhausting 80-mile journey across the country without food.

Nyanguet’s family were kindly welcomed by another community.

‘The reception was great. The host community hosted us well,’ Nyanguet says of the families who welcomed them and shared what little food and clean water they had.

With the support of CAFOD’s local expert, Nyanguet received emergency food vital to rebuild strength from the journey and provide a bit of hope for the future.

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Although Nyanguet and her family were safe from violence, they faced yet another challenge – hunger. 

Severe drought and climate change meant that crops in Nyanguet’s new community failed. Many families in the community were struggling to feed themselves let alone those seeking refuge with them.

CAFOD’s local expert also provided Nyanguet with drought-resistant seeds, tools and a piece of land, a gift from her host community, where she can grow a sustainable supply of food for her family.

Essential gift of food 

Access to food will always be a challenge in times of emergency. The Emergency food gift for £50 can give hope to families, like Nyanguet’s, whose lives have been turned upside down. It will mean we are ready to help a family in great need during an emergency.

Help us to continue to support people like Nyanguet's and their families by buying the Emergency food gift or explore our full range of life-changing World Gifts here.

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