Case study: Surviving the winter in Lebanon

"We left Syria because our home was bombed. We were forced to leave with nothing. Life here is very hard. We have no money, so we can't afford anything." Ahmad, 69, Lebanon.

Six years into the Syrian civil war, many families' savings are depleted and work opportunities are limited. Families often live in cramped, poor conditions while paying increasingly high rents.

Ahmad wants to look after his grandchildren, but like many other families, they are often still in need of food and fuel. This is especially true during the winter, when Lebanon experiences freezing temperatures and frequent rain or snow.

This amazing gift can provide a refugee family like Ahmad's with the means to buy food, fuel, blankets and other essentials to see them safely through the winter.

Winter survival kit

Your gift can ensure that a refugee family have food, fuel and blankets to see them safely through the harsh winter.

Why buy this Winter survival kit gift?

  • Refugees are arriving in new countries with nothing, in desperate need of support.
  • This gift can provide practical support and hope to traumatised families who have fled their homes in search of safety.

This includes the option to print a gift card at home.