Case study: Protecting Lake Chacas for everyone

“Without water, there is no life and all the animals and plants will die” Edith, Peru

Without a water supply or sewer system, Edith’s village relies on water from the local lake for drinking, bathing and watering crops. The lake is vital to all aspects of life, but it is also vulnerable to climate change and often polluted from rubbish and livestock grazing.

Using water testing kits, Edith and other students from her school monitor the lake. They test the PH levels, water quality and quantity and the temperature of both the air and water. Using these measurements, they can identify patterns and alert local communities if the water in the lake is not suitable for drinking.

The students’ actions are helping to protect this fragile resource for their communities. Their hard work has seen them awarded a prize by the regional government, and they have been recognised by the Minister for Environmental Affairs.

Water testing kit

Rural villages that depend on lakes for drinking water and irrigation are incredibly vulnerable to pollution. By monitoring water quality with these kits, students can play an active role in preserving their environment and encourage communities to value vital resources.

Why buy this Water testing kit gift?

  • Lakes can be vulnerable to climate change and being polluted from rubbish and livestock grazing
  • This testing can alert the local community straight away if the water becomes unsafe to drink
  • Students involved in the testing learn to value this natural resource and protect it for the future

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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