Case study: Clean water for health and happiness

“Now I have water, it has made me stronger.” Longora, Uganda 

Before they had a water supply of their own, Longora and her two young sons had to drink river water. Contaminated with human waste and a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes, the water would often make them sick. Longora contracted Hepatitis E from the dirty water. She was pregnant, in terrible pain and couldn’t eat.

With treatment, Longora thankfully made a slow but full recovery. Worried that her children would become ill next, she was delighted when CAFOD helped repair the village borehole.

Thanks to gifts like this, her family now have fresh, clean water to drink, bathe and cook with. “We are healthier and feel better”, says Longora. “We are now able to get water for our homes. We can get water throughout the year.”

Water for a family

This charity gift provides families with a supply of clean, safe water in their homes for drinking and cooking in areas where this basic need is in short supply. Families can also use this water to wash in, keeping everyone safe from infection.

Why buy this Water for a family gift?

  • Raise a glass to celebrate Christmas by giving this thoughtful gift!
  • Help protect families from deadly water-borne diseases by sharing this unique gift with your own family this Christmas
  • Having a supply of clean, safe water nearby means that women and children don’t have to walk for hours each day to fetch water

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