Case study: How trees helped Tabitha

"I never imagined I would be able to grow and sell bananas, so I am very happy." Tabitha, Kenya

After being supplied with saplings, seeds and tools by CAFOD, Tabitha grows a number of fruit trees at the bottom of her farm. Her trees are flourishing and the reward for all her hard work can be seen on their branches.

"When I found the first fruit, I was very impressed", Tabitha said. "I sell the bananas to pay for school fees. Two of my children are in secondary school and four in primary."

Tabitha's trees are part of a larger CAFOD-supported project that has seen more than 3,000 trees planted in the Kitui region of Kenya. Along with water from a dam built as part of the project, the trees have transformed Tabitha's life. In addition to bananas, she is able to grow passion fruit, mango and a variety of vegetables, giving her family a sustainable supply of healthy food.

Trees for life

This charity gift will supply a family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own tree nursery. Not only will the trees provide fresh, nutrient-rich fruit to eat year after year, but the extra produce can be sold at market.

Why buy this Trees for life gift?

  • Go bananas! The perfect gift for gardeners at Easter, these trees provide families with fruit to eat year after year.
  • This gift plants five tree saplings overseas, making it a great gift idea for a new baby or a Baptism.

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