Case Study: Keeping Martha's family healthy

"The kids before used to have stomach problems, but now they don't have so many." Martha, Kenya

At Martha’s homestead in Kenya, there is no access to running water. Before she was taught by CAFOD how to make a tippy tap, her eight children and the other families in the village had no way of washing their hands before preparing food or after using the toilet. Made from a jerry can suspended from a tree, tippy taps are simple but ingenious inventions.  “When I wash my hands I step on a stick that is connected to the jerry can”, Martha says. “This tips the jerry can and water comes out so I don’t have to touch a tap. A tap would be contaminated with dirty hands.” Martha has now taught her neighbours how to make tippy taps. With regular hand-washing, tippy taps have improved health and reduced sickness in Martha’s community. 

Tippy tap

In areas without running water, this clever gift provides a hands-free way to wash hands after using the toilet.

Why buy this Tippy tap gift?

  • Quick and easy to set up, it's operated by foot rather than by hand
  • Hygenic hand washing can help stop the spread of potentially fatal diseases
  • Families with tippy taps can train others on how to build their own!

This gift includes a posted gift card.