Case study: Dona Helen's perfect pigs

"CAFOD is helping me make a living. I have a kitchen garden to grow fruit and vegetables and I also have pigs." Dona Helen, Nicaragua

Survival can be a struggle for farming families in rural Nicaragua. However, life for Dona Helen and her son, Josua, has improved dramatically in recent years. As members of a community group supported by CAFOD, they secured an income generation loan to help them buy pigs.

Breeding pigs is a wonderful way for Dona Helen to make a living and give Josua greater opportunities in life. Josua is currently in his last year of primary school and wants to be a vet when he is older.

The pig that provides

From the tip of its snout to its curly tail, a pig to breed makes for a brilliant business for people living in poverty. With a supply of pigs to sell at market, this sustainable gift could help a family put food on their table for years to come.

Why buy this pig gift?

  • Pigs can be fed on vegetable scraps and can be an important source of food for poor families
  • Pigs produce an average litter of twelve piglets- plenty to sell at market!
  • The income raised from breeding and selling pigs can help families send their children to school

This gift includes a posted gift card.