Case Study: Keeping babies safe

"We are able to provide essential support for people who are in desperate need, despite the turmoil" Francis Flood, CAFOD country representative in South Sudan

Stella and her family live in South Sudan, a country torn apart by violence. Conflict that followed the country's secession from Sudan has killed thousands and forced countless families from their homes. Many refugees like Stella and her children have been forced to flee with nothing and now live in makeshift dwellings and crowded camps, with poor sanitation and no protection from diseases. Newborn babies like Thomas, Stella's son, are particularly vulnerable to malaria, which is rife in the camps. This gift will help CAFOD supply life-saving nets to those in need, keeping children like Thomas safe from malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases in a time of emergency.

The net that protects

A real life-saver! This simple, treated mosquito net can keep families safe from deadly diseases.

Why buy this Net that protects gift?

  • Children and babies are particularly vulnerable to malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases
  • Emergencies and wars can mean families are living in tempoarary shelter, increasing their risk
  • This simple mosquito net offers protection from deadly diseases.

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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