Case study: Carfi's story

“I can’t believe how different life is for me and my family.” Carfi, Ethiopia

Carfi and his family live in Fuloromso district in Borana, southern Ethiopia. Five years ago, the region was devastated by drought and Carfi’s livestock herd was decimated. For pastoralists like Carfi, animals are essentially currency. If they die you are left penniless. Having lost his only means of survival, Carfi was at his wits’ end. “Before your help, we were paralysed by poverty. I was desperate.” At the point when Carfi was losing hope, help arrived in the form of eight goats, a camel and a donkey provided by CAFOD’s local partner. Donkeys are a valuable asset for families like Carfi’s, capable of carrying heavy loads of water or firewood. They are also often the only means of transporting sick people to health clinics, many of which are miles away.

The donkey that delivers

A hardy donkey will ease the burden on families who spend hours every day carrying jerry cans of water from distant wells.

Why buy this Donkey gift?

  • Donkeys can help to carry water, firewood or other produce to ease the burden on families.
  • They are also an important form of transport to health clinics if a family member is sick.
  • Our training ensures that a family's donkeys are well looked after as they work.

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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