Case study: Carfi's camels

"I can't believe how different life is for me and my family." Carfi, Ethiopia

For pastoralists like Carfi his animals are his currency and only means of survival. He lives with his family in Fuloromso district in Borana, southern Ethiopia. Five years ago, disaster struck when the region was devastated by drought and Carfi lost almost all of his precious livestock. Carfi was at his wits' end: "Before your help, we were paralysed by poverty. I was desperate."

Thankfully, CAFOD's local partner came to Carfi's aid providing him with eight goats, a camel and a donkey. Now Carfi's camel is providing his family with fresh milk to drink and sell at market, and Carfi can also transport heavy loads.

The camel that carries

Camels are fantastic working animals, providing families with transport, milk and a source of income.

Why buy this Camel that carries gift?

  • Camels can provide a poor family with up to seven litres of milk a day to drink
  • Breeding camel calves can also produce much-needed income
  • One animal can also help families by carrying weights up to 200kg, truly making it the camel that carries!

This includes the option to print a gift card at home.