Case Study: Enriching the soil for healthy crops

"The worms we received are reproducing really well, there is now lots of compost." Juan, Bolivia

The indigenous Aymara community have farmed the Taraco region of Bolivia for hundreds of years, but the current generation are facing serious problems. Crops have been failing and livestock dying, leading to a high rate of malnutrition among children. CAFOD is helping Aymara farmers to recover traditional farming techniques. The compost provided by the gift of worms helps enrich the soil, leading to bountiful harvests, better nutrition and a more reliable supply of food for farmers like Juan. "The training and technical assistance CAFOD has given to make organic worm compost is giving good results," he said. "I want to leave it longer so that we make even more to fill the worm house that we have built. Then I am going to start using it on my crops."

Squirming worms

A great gift for the green-fingered, these worms make fantastic compost that boosts crops and helps to increase income for farmers.

Why buy this Squirming worms gift?

  • 1kg of worms makes enough compost to share between four farming families
  • Compost is essential to boost harvests in areas with poor soil
  • A supply of worms can result in a long-term supply of home-grown food for a family.

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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