Solar lamp

These solar-powered lamps replace smoky, polluting fossil fuel lamps with clean, renewable energy. When night arrives, light is a luxury for vulnerable families in remote, hard-to-reach places. Solar lamps mean life can continue after dark! 

Why buy this  Solar lamp gift?

  • The perfect eco-friendly gift for someone who cares about the environment. These lamps replace dirty, smoky, polluting fossil-fuel-powered lamps with clean, renewable energy light sources.
  • Solar lamps allow children to do their homework at night, making this an ideal end of term gift for a teacher or pupil! 
  • Solar-powered lamps keep homes free from choking fumes and save families time collecting firewood or money buying expensive kerosene. 

Case study: A light of hope in northern Sudan

‘‘I never dreamt of having solar lamps in my house. I am thankful to CAFOD as this has brought a great change to me.’’ Oum Breyma, Sudan 

Oum and her family live in a rural area of northern Sudan. Their village has no access to electricity. Oum’s family is forced to use firewood, kerosene and candles for lighting and cooking in their home. The harmful smoke from these fuels hurt their eyes and can make it hard to breathe. Oum’s house is thatched and she is worried about fires spreading. 

Oum was overjoyed to receive a solar lamp for her home. Now, she can cook and clean in her home without having to spend money on fuel, and without fear of choking on fumes or dangerous fires. In particular, Oum is pleased for her children who can now do their homework at night without her having to worry about their health. She hopes that by being able to work at night they will do better at school. 

“Before I received this solar lamp my house was always dark. Now, it is well lit.”

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