Save the rainforest

Protect precious rainforests for future generations. This special charity gift can make a powerful difference to the lives of indigenous communities - those trying to defend their rainforest homes from the threat of logging and mining companies.

Why buy this Save the rainforest gift?

  • By providing a clear target to fundraise towards throughout the year, this eco-friendly and ethical gift is perfect for campaign groups, schools and parishes.
  • This crucial charity gift can protect the way of life for indigenous and rural communities by providing them with vital training and legal support to defend their rights and homes.
  • This gift can ensure that families are able to continue living in safety and peace on the land they call their home.

    Case study: Protecting the Amazon rainforest

    "We're going to build, we're going to organise our village so that people can once again live, breathe fresh air and be free" Maria, from the Amazon, Brazil

    In recent years, the communities that live in the Amazon rainforest have struggled to resist threats to their lives and livelihoods – threats from intensive mining, hydroelectric dams, and large-scale farming and logging operations.

    “The impact of the mining company’s operation has been disastrous,” says Jose, a community leader from the Amazon state of Marnanhao. “There are 380 wagons in each train and they go through our town every 20 minutes. We suffer constant abuse.”

    Isolated from one another, following different customs and cultures, these incredibly remote communities have so far struggled to present a unified front to defend their rights. CAFOD is working hard with these indigenous and rural communities to help them work together, to stand up for justice and to protect this unique ecosystem. This powerful charity gift will enable CAFOD to support work with threatened, isolated communities – training people to protect their land and human rights.

    Maria, leader of the Indigenous Women of Medio Rio Purus group, is confident for the future: “Let’s have a voice to say we are now in a country where we can breathe fresh air.”

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