Safe place to call home

This gift can help a family to access the legal aid they need to secure their homes and livelihoods. This is particularly important for people trying to live in areas where people are contending for land use, such as in the Amazon rainforest. By supporting families to secure their homes, you can protect the land from being deforested due to industrial farming.

Why buy this  Safe place to call home gift?

  • We all have the right to a home where we feel safe and can live with dignity. Stand in solidarity with those who are having that right denied and support a more equal world.  
  • Help families to access the legal support they need to secure their homes and livelihoods.  
  • This charity gift can pay for the legal fees to secure a family home, crops and land for generations.  

      Case study: Help Raimundo and his family fight for the right to a home and a decent life.

      "We are all the same here. Nobody’s better than anyone else, we’ve all got the same little houses. So we end up feeling happy.” Raimundo, Brazil  

      Raimundo lives with his wife and children in an encampment in Brazil. Before they moved there, they lived in the city, but due to high rent rates and low wages they couldn’t afford to stay. Now they live in an encampment, where people can live in harmony with each other, working locally and on the land to earn a living and raise their children. 

      These encampments are far from safe. The area is so desirable that families face the threat of violent eviction from powerful landgrabbers. Thanks to CAFOD funding, Raimundo and the other people in the encampment have had support from legal experts to protect their rights during evictions and to gain legal rights to make the encampment their permanent home where their family can live, work, play and learn in safety and with dignity. 

      Raimundo told us, “I have faith, real faith that everything will work out here”. His community continue to work with legal experts to try and protect them from the harm of evictions and work towards the long-term aim of securing the land permanently and getting basic services like health and education for their community.


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