PPE for a health worker

It is absolutely crucial that health workers have enough PPE to deal with patients safely. This caring charity gift can provide a health worker overseas with full PPE gear – gloves, masks, aprons, rubber boots and goggles – so they can stay safe while helping those most in need.

Why buy this PPE for a health worker gift?

  • Wherever you are in the world, PPE is essential for health workers to treat patients safely during the pandemic. This charity gift can ensure everyone gets a decent chance at battling deadly disease.
  • A health worker protected by PPE is also given confidence to carry out their dangerous work. Medical staff and patients are more likely to seek medical aid when they need it, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, if they know safety precautions are being properly followed.
  • The perfect charity gift to buy as a parish group or school – PPE for a health worker can help vulnerable people overseas who do not have access to a wonderful health service like the NHS.

Case study: Keeping health staff safe in Sierra Leone

“Thank God. With CAFOD's help I have full confidence when I'm working because they've provided all the PPE the clinic needs.” Mustapha, lab technician at Handmaids Catholic Health Clinic, Sierra Leone

Before the arrival of PPE at the Handmaid’s Catholic Health Clinic in Sierra Leone, Mustapha, and other health workers in the clinic, felt too unsafe to treat anyone. Without adequate personal protective equipment, Mustapha didn’t feel safe working. Patients began to stop visiting because they didn’t feel safe receiving treatment either. 

However, thanks to charity gifts like this, things are changing for the better. Since receiving PPE from local experts supported by CAFOD, Mustapha and other members of staff at the clinic feel far more confident in their work. Witnessing the increased confidence of health staff, patients have also started to return.

“We pray to God that CAFOD will be blessed with more funds.”

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