Case study: Improving health and wellbeing

"The dignity kit has really helped me. The pads are cloth, the environment in now clean and I am clean." Doku, Northern Kenya.

Doku lives in a refugee camp in Northern Kenya. She had to suffer with the monthly struggle of having a period with no sanitary products, and no means of keeping clean. She would use pieces of cloth as a sanitary pad, but they leaked and left stains on clothes, beds and chairs.

CAFOD supplied 500 period packs to women living in refugee camps and taught the women the importance of keeping clean and not sharing. Doku and her sisters have all benefitted, with better hygiene and the confidence that each month will no longer pose a problem.

Period pack

This charity gift provides 2 pairs of pants, 3 bars of soap and a reusable sanitary pad to help women in refugee camps cope with their period each month.

Why buy this Period pack gift?

  • Don't get your knickers in a twist! Most women learn to deal with periods. Choose this charity gift and support women across the world – perfect for mums, daughters or girl friends.
  • This gift is reusable so keeps women clean and healthy month after month!
  • Having access to clean sanitary products keeps women healthy in times of emergency and in refugee camps where they would otherwise have to use whatever fabric they could find, often leading to disease.

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