Case study: Marcos' musical escape

"When I perform I feel nervous, but when the audience gives me compliments at the end it makes me feel good!" Marcos, 14, Brazil

Marcos lives in the shanty town of Santo Amaro, in North East Brazil, where child labour, exploitation and violence among young people is commonplace. After Marcos's grandmother passed away he was left to care for his paralysed father on his own while his mother worked to support the family.

Such a huge responsibility took its toll on Marcos, and when his father also died he was left with huge feelings of guilt. Marcos struggled at school and found it difficult to concentrate on his lessons, but when he found music everything changed. Learning to play the cello at a CAFOD-funded project gave him an emotional outlet for his feelings and helped develop self-expression, creativity and cultural awareness.

With his new skill and focus for the future, Marcos hopes to go on to be a professional musician playing with big orchestras.

Motivating music

Music can bring about wonderful change. Playing a musical instrument can give vulnerable children and young people the chance to boost their self-esteem, learn to value their culture and discover the joy of music. This gift could pay for lessons and instruments.

Why buy this gift?

  • This gift can pay for an instrument to inspire a young person to take up music
  • It can also fund lessons to build their confidence and develop their skills
  • Music can provide a vital escape for vulnerable children and a way for them to express themselves.

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