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This chatty charity gift can pay for loudspeakers in rural areas, so messages of hope– providing accurate information and raising awareness of vital issues like coronavirus – can reach the remotest areas. It is essential that vulnerable people in remote places get the advice they need to survive deadly diseases. 

Why buy this  Spread the news gift?

  • Speak up for justice! A loudspeaker means that people living in remote areas can have the same knowledge as everyone else, helping them to survive with vital information.
  • Every person who hears a hopeful message of advice can pass this advice on to their friends and family, keeping even more people safe and in the know.
  • Use your voice. Spreading the news has the potential to keep entire communities safe. If enough people hear the advice, it really will save lives. 

Case study: Spreading messages of hope in Sierra Leone

“The people really responded to me because I used our local language. I took the time to talk to our market sellers – even the women who sell fish – and used the language that they understand. People really responded well to us and asked a lot of questions. CAFOD’s intervention was very timely.” Reverend Abu Kargbo, Sierra Leone 

In Sierra Leone, CAFOD are working alongside local expert, Reverend Abu Kargbo, to share messages of hope. In hard-to-reach, rural areas we are letting people know about the importance of hygiene, wearing facemasks and social distancing. The messages we share are very much like those we see on televisions and hear on radios here in the UK. For people living in rural areas during the coronavirus pandemic, these messages are essential.

A few years ago, Sierra Leone suffered badly from Ebola. Local experts learnt that when people have the right information, they make a real difference in stopping the spread of disease. Now, supported by CAFOD, people like Reverend Abu Kargbo are applying the same techniques to combat coronavirus.

Kayode, who works in our Sierra Leone team, said: “These are very worrying times, but with the community involved, we refuse to be overwhelmed by the odds that are against us. We defeated Ebola, and we know that by the grace of God we are going to defeat COVID-19.”

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