Case study: Five gifts in one

"I am happy and better today because I can feed my children." Afera, Ethiopia.

Afera Gebremedhine lives in Zerenga, northern Ethiopia, with her six children and husband Girmay, an injured war veteran who is unable to farm the land.

She was given a heifer by CAFOD which gave birth to calves a few months later. Afera's cows produce around eight litres of milk a day, which she uses to make butter to sell at the local market. With the money she earns, Afera is able to buy food for her family and pay for school stationery and clothes for her children. If there is any money left over, Afera puts it aside in a community saving scheme, which she hopes will allow her to build an extra room as her house is too small for her family.

"I cannot compare my life before and after this cow. My children have delicious food. I don't have to worry a lot whether my land is rented out or not. I can sell and buy food for my family", says Afera.

Marvellous moo cow

Bring udder joy to a loved one! The gift of a locally-sourced cow, along with training in how to care for it, can be five gifts in one for a struggling family.

Why buy this Marvellous moo cow gift?

  • A cow's milk can be a vital supplement to a family's diet, plus any extra milk can be sold at market.
  • It can help to plough farmland and its manure can give a boost to crops.
  • What's more, any calves can be passed on to help another family

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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