Case study: A chance to enjoy being a child again

"I am so grateful for your support. I am what I am because of you. Where will my life be without your support!" Blenda, Uganda

Twelve-year-old Blenda lost her mum to AIDS when she was just four years old. Shortly after she fell sick herself, and after her grandmother took her to Lukaya Kitovu health centre she discovered that she was HIV positive.

Blenda started attending a peer support group workshop called Yezu atwagala, meaning 'Jesus loves us', and has since learned to cope with her condition. Her group meet every Saturday to make crafts, have fun and enjoy their childhood, and also to support each other during more difficult times.

In a society where HIV drugs are sometimes viewed with suspicion, having a support network of friends means children like Blenda are encouraged to keep taking the drugs that can extend their lives and make them feel well again.

Make a child smile

More than just a fun day out, this amazing gift brings smiles to the faces of orphaned and vulnerable children. A day of games, dancing and music gives them the chance to laugh, make new friends and just enjoy being children again.

Why buy this Make a child smile gift?

  • Help orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost parents and loved ones because of AIDS and who may be HIV positive themselves.
  • Provide a full day of games, dancing and music.
  • Build a vulnerable child's confidence and give them the chance to smile again.

This gift includes a posted gift card.